Focus on Safety

Electricity — it's a valuable commodity. It also can be dangerous — even deadly — if not handled properly. Safety is a top priority for PacifiCorp across its entire business. The company is committed to keeping customers, communities and employees safe. How? Through an unwavering focus on training and education.

Electrical safety outreach to schools

PacifiCorp provides extensive training programs for employees, teaching them how to work with electricity, avoid injury and promote responsible behavior. Utility workers are taught to wear protective gloves and safety glasses, how to safely climb poles and use equipment appropriately. Workers also receive public safety training so they can keep community members out of harm's way when making neighborhood electric repairs. The company also encourages employees to "think safety and act safely" wherever they are, whatever they are doing, at all times.

PacifiCorp reaches into the community to educate customers and the public about being safe around this "powerful" necessity. The company publishes safety tips in local newspapers and gives safety presentations to schoolchildren and community groups, reaching between 50,000 and 60,000 students and community members each year. Schools in the company's service area also receive a specially designed electrical safety curriculum for implementation in kindergarten through sixth grade classrooms. Visit Rocky Mountain Power or Pacific Power for more safety information.