Outdoor Recreation

Hiking. Camping. Boating. Fishing. The outdoor enthusiast’s dream awaits at a variety of recreation sites owned and operated by Pacific Power and Rocky Mountain Power.

As a company, we own and manage more than 18,000 acres of lands for wildlife habitat and forestry.

Recognizing that large numbers of visitors each year can have a negative impact on the environment, we have incorporated many features into our recreation sites, including:
  • Leaving day use parking areas as grass to help maintain winter forage for elk
  • Reducing the size of parking lots to save the natural plant buffer, which is habitat for many different animals and birds
  • Opening the parks seasonally to ensure that elk and other wildlife have a safe winter home
  • Taking care to preserve the trees and natural vegetation whenever possible to preserve micro-habitats
  • Installing log booms to protect shorelines from wave and boat impact
  • Modifying company property land leases adjacent to waterways to include environmental protection clauses. For example, no farming to the edge of the reservoir is permitted.
recreation day use area

Water Release Information

Check the flow before you go

Information on water levels is available online or by calling toll free.

Flow line: 1-800-547-1501
Water release schedules