Public Safety Notification


Safety is the top priority for PacifiCorp. To ensure public safety at Bear River recreational areas, emergency evacuation sirens have been installed at Oneida Dam and nearby at the Red Point Campground (owned by the Bureau of Land Management).

The sirens have been installed as a proactive measure to prevent delays in communication in the unlikely event that sudden flooding or rapid changes in water flows force evacuation of the campground or areas immediately below Oneida Dam. These sirens are not intended to communicate evacuation orders to residences outside the area.

The sirens will not be used to alert people for other types of emergencies. Although residents outside the area of Oneida Dam may hear the sirens, they are not expected to take any evacuation actions and should instead listen for emergency information from local authorities.

Any necessary evacuations at other Bear River recreational areas will be conducted by PacifiCorp staff or local authorities as appropriate.