Lewis River

For more than 65 years, PacifiCorp has provided public recreation opportunities along the Lewis River. Today, we operate 15 recreation facilities along the river, below Merwin Dam and along the shores of Yale, Merwin and Swift reservoirs. Combined, these recreation areas provide the public with 304 campsites in four campgrounds, 233 picnic sites and nine boat launch locations. Our Lewis River recreation facilities begin at Island Access, approximately two miles east of Woodland, Washington, on State Highway 503, and continue 45 miles upstream to Eagle Cliff Park at the east end of Swift Reservoir.



PacifiCorp will begin accepting reservations for the 2015 recreation season at 9:00am on Sunday, March 1, 2015.

Alert: Please see camping fees link for 2015 season details.

If you do not wish to reserve your campsite(s) online, please call 1-855-414-0004. If you need to make a change in your reservation (example: cancel) please call the 360-238-5251, at least 48 hours in advance.

PDF How to use the online reservation system

Location Picnic Restroom Fishing Boating
Merwin Reservoir
Merwin Park135YesBankn/a
Speelyai Park  22Yesn/aRamp
Cresap Bay
Yale Reservoir
Saddle Dam  1Yesn/aRamp
Yale Park42Yesn/aRamp
Cougar Campground  1Yesn/aRamp
Beaver Bay
Swift Reservoir
Swift Forest
Eagle Cliff Park10Yes



White Salmon River
Northwest Park 27Yesn/an/a 

General Recreation Information


Flow line: 1-800-547-1501
Water release schedules

boating and picnicking at Lewis River recreation site

Reservoir Elevation

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) provides regular reservoir elevation information and official weather radio broadcasts for watches, warnings, hazard information, routine forecasts and weather reports. To hear this information for Woodland and the Lewis River Valley, tune your weather radio to the following frequency: 162.525 MHz, or Channel 6 and Station ID: WNG-604.

PacifiCorp does not directly provide information regarding flow rates or water levels on the Lewis River. Further, we expressly disclaim any obligation to provide public notices regarding flow rates or water levels. This information can be found online using the links above. These Web sites are published and maintained by United States government agencies. We are not responsible for the timeliness, accuracy or availability of the information on these sites or any other external site.

Hunting & Wind Facility Access

Public access to lands within the Marengo wind facility is available for hunting, birdwatching and other recreational activities, subject to certain restrictions.

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