Hunting & Wind Facility Access

Important Notice: No hunting will be permitted between March 20 and December 20, 2019, at PacifiCorp's Marengo wind facility due to a construction project that will increase the generation capacity of the faclilty.

Public access to lands within the Marengo wind facility is available for hunting, birdwatching and other recreational activities, subject to certain restrictions.

Special rules are in place to ensure the safety of hunters, local residents, wind project workers and equipment. More information is available through the wind project hunting video and brochure (PDF). Remember, hunting on private lands is a privilege and, as with all hunting activities, rules and prohibitions are enforced by state game agents and local law enforcement.

Access to PacifiCorp’s Marengo wind facility, Puget Sound Energy’s adjacent Hopkins Ridge wind facility and Portland General Electric's Tucannon River wind farm is jointly administered by the utilities. With this shared access program, hunters only need to register with one utility to hunt at any of these wind facilities.

Written permission for access to these lands may be obtained by completing the online registration form below. Forms are also available at:

The General Store
426 Main Street
Dayton, Washington, 99328

For more details, please review the Q&A.

Online Registration Steps

Hopkins Ridge, Marengo and Tucannon River Wind Facilities' Access By Written Permission Program

Step 1: Read the Hunting Access Permission Agreement (PDF)
Step 2: Review the video
Step 3: Review the rules and maps: Marengo (PDF), Hopkin's Ridge (PDF), Tucannon River (PDF)
Step 4: Fill-out and submit the online registration information form
Step 5: Pick up your permit from The General Store in Dayton.

The online registration/permitting Access Agreement process applies to Puget Sound Energy’s Hopkins Ridge, PacifiCorp’s Marengo and Portland General Electric's Tucannon River wind facilities. To complete the registration process, it will be necessary for you to sign and pick up your permit from The General Store in Dayton, which you must sign and carry with you at all times while visiting Hopkins Ridge, Marengo, and Tucannon River wind facilities.