Lewis River Fishing and Boating Opportunities

Speelyai park

Boat Ramps

Lower Lewis River boat launches are provided at Merwin Hatchery River Access, Island River Access, and Cedar Creek River Access. No day use fee is required at these sites. 

Merwin Reservoir boat ramps are available for day use at Speelyai Park (year round) and Cresap Bay Park (when open). There is NOT a boat ramp at Merwin Park.

Yale Reservoir boat ramps are available for day use at Saddle Dam Park (when open) Yale Park (year round), Cougar Park (when open) and Beaver Bay Park (when open).

Swift Reservoir boat ramp is available for day use at Swift Forest Camp (when open).

PDF Information about boat passages on Swift Reservoir



Important! Speelyai Bay Park will be closed to the public Monday, May 2 through Friday, May 6, 2016, for maintenance purposes. A main water line is being replaced to fix a leak in the water system, which will impact park ingress/egress.

Cresap Bay Park will be opened during this time as an alternative for Merwin Reservoir boating access. All other amenities at Cresap Bay Park will remain closed until Memorial Day weekend, as regularly scheduled.

Please direct any questions or concerns to recreation@pacificorp.com or 503-813-6666.

Swift Dam Fishing Access

Public access to fishing is made available in accordance with the WA State Department of Fish and Wildlife regulations for Swift Reservoir.

Lower Lewis River Fishing Access

Six fishing access locations are provided on the Lewis River between Woodland, Washington and Merwin Dam. Sites in order from Woodland going upstream are:

  • Island River Access (north shore)
  • Haapa Access (south shore)
  • Cedar Creek Access (south shore)
  • Lewis River Fish Hatchery Access (north shore)
  • Johnson Creek Access (north shore)
  • Merwin River Access (north shore)

Upper Lewis River Fishing Access

  • Eagle Cliff Park


Reservoir Elevation

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) provides regular reservoir elevation information and official weather radio broadcasts for watches, warnings, hazard information, routine forecasts and weather reports. To hear this information for Woodland and the Lewis River Valley, tune your weather radio to the following frequency: 162.525 MHz, or Channel 6 and Station ID: WNG-604.

PacifiCorp does not directly provide information regarding flow rates or water levels on the Lewis River. Further, we expressly disclaim any obligation to provide public notices regarding flow rates or water levels. This information can be found online using the links above. These Web sites are published and maintained by United States government agencies. We are not responsible for the timeliness, accuracy or availability of the information on these sites or any other external site.