Lewis River Recreation Fees

Day use parking fees

During the peak recreation season, between Memorial Day weekend and September 15, a day-use parking fee of $3 will be collected on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and holidays at reservoir day-use parks. The exception is Merwin Park, where a $1 parking fee will be charged on the same days during the peak season. No parking fee will be collected during the off-season or on Monday through Thursday during the peak season (holidays excepted).

Peak season passes

Peak season passes for day use parking only are available to purchase for $20 at the Lewis River recreation site fee stations when staffed. Peak season passes are no longer available by mail.

Camping fees

Camping fees at Cresap Bay, Cougar Camp and Beaver Bay are $21 per night. Camping at Swift Forest Camp is $18 per night. Group camping is $315 per night. Extra vehicle charge for campers is $5 per night. Campground fees include access to adjoining day use parks. Campers entering other sites via vehicles will be required to pay applicable fees.  *See Rules and Regulations page for more information about changes and cancellation fees.


Reservations are required for Cresap Bay Campground, Cougar Campground, and Beaver Bay Campground.  Swift Forest Camp also requires reservations between the Friday before Memorial Day and Sept. 30.  Campsites are available for first-come, first-serve use at Swift Forest Camp between October 1 and November 30. Check site availability.

For general information, please call 503-813-6666 or email recreation@pacificorp.com.