Operating Efficiently and Responsibly for the Future

Producing and distributing power impacts the environment. PacifiCorp knows this and does everything it can to protect and serve the world that makes our business possible.

Renewable Energy

PacifiCorp is a leader among rate-regulated U.S. utilities in ownership of clean, renewable generation capacity. See renewable projects serving our customers »

Demand-Side Management

Growing participation in a variety of energy efficiency programs is helping conserve resources and manage demand during peak usage periods. Learn about our efforts to help consumers use less energy »

Environmental Concerns

PacifiCorp works to balance customers’ growing energy needs with environmental concerns through air quality initiatives, habitat protection, recycling and global climate change policies. Find out how we’re protecting the environment »

Stakeholder Groups

PacifiCorp's environmental success hinges on input from a wide range of sources. Get information on groups, plans and resources »

Environmental Permits

The company regularly applies for environmental permits related to air and water quality throughout our operating areas. Review permit applications »

Toxic Release Data

PacifiCorp supports the goal of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s annual Toxics Release Inventory, which is intended to provide citizens with information about potentially hazardous chemicals used by manufacturers in and around their communities. Review our policy and access the EPA data »

Leaning Juniper wind farm

Our environmental RESPECT policy guides our corporate commitment to the environment. It is based on these cornerstones:

  • Responsibility
  • Efficiency
  • Stewardship
  • Performance
  • Evaluation
  • Communication
  • Training

Get details on our policy »