CCR Rule Compliance Data & Information

PacifiCorp is committed to maintaining strict compliance to the Coal Combustion Residuals regulation established by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

PacifiCorp maintains the following CCR units:

  • Dave Johnston Expansion Landfill
  • Dave Johnston Ash Pond
  • Hunter CCR Landfill
  • Huntington CCR Landfill
  • Jim Bridger Industrial Landfill
  • Jim Bridger FGD Pond 1
  • Jim Bridger FGD Pond 2
  • Naughton North Ash Pond
  • Naughton South Ash Pond
  • Naughton FGD Pond 1
  • Naughton FGD Pond 2
  • Naughton FGD Pond 4
  • Naughton FGD Pond 5

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