Air Quality

PacifiCorp is committed to reducing its impact on the world's clean air. Strict compliance with all air-related regulations is a minimum requirement, and we strive to further minimize the impact we have on air quality. With our primary focus on reducing or avoiding emissions altogether, we continuously develop and implement strategies to improve our emissions performance.

The company's coal-fired plants burn some of the cleanest, lowest-sulfur coal in the nation, and its reserves of low-sulfur coal are plentiful, providing a critical source of low-cost power. PacifiCorp coal plants' average emissions rate is below the national average.

To further reduce regulated emissions from its existing thermal units, PacifiCorp, in partnership with other Berkshire Hathaway Energy businesses, is making significant investments. We support the development and demonstration of new control equipment and generating technologies to reduce or capture emissions of carbon dioxide.

PacifiCorp reports all releases of toxics from its facilities, including toxics released into the atmosphere. Or get information on environmental permit applications