Alternative Fuel Vehicles

As part of our ongoing commitment to the environment and our customers, we are proactively partnering with automobile manufacturers and others to plan, develop and drive the requirements for electric vehicles and their interface with the power grid. In addition, we continue to make progress at reducing emissions of our vehicle fleet.

Doing our part to reduce vehicle emissions

PacifiCorp is working with various manufacturers and a number of other utilities to create specifications and drive standards for hybrid-powered utility service vehicles. As these vehicles become available and prove to add value for our customers, we will adopt them into our motorized fleet.

PacifiCorp is actively pursuing new technologies to reduce fleet miles and related fuel consumption. We have implemented a companywide policy to reduce engine idling and achieve our goal of reducing idling across our fleet by 10 percent. This will help avoid approximately 974 tons of CO2 per year and reduce gasoline and diesel consumption by about 93,000 gallons annually.

Our idle-free policy prohibits idling except when the truck performs essential work that requires power from the engine. Further, for each truck, accurate monitoring and reporting of fuel economy has helped encourage better driving habits and reduced environmental impacts.

Our ongoing transition to automated meter reading has allowed us to remove 27 full-size pickup trucks from our active fleet which has helped avoid 324 tons of CO2 emissions per year. In addition, the automated meter reading fleet is now substituting a smaller and more fuel-efficient Ford Escape for the older full-size pickup trucks. Each replacement with an Escape avoids the release of approximately 3 tons of greenhouse gases each year.


Starting in 2016, new 37-foot bucket trucks are helping company linemen do their jobs more quietly and with less carbon dioxide emissions. The Altec-built AT37G bucket trucks use plug-in hybrid electric technology to power boom operation, air conditioning and cabin heat without running the diesel engine. The engine still powers the truck when moving down the highway, but uses the newest clean diesel technology to reduce tailpipe emissions.

PacifiCorp’s “Greening Our Fleet” initiative has played a key role in creating positive environmental impacts in each of the states we serve. We continue to work with several organizations and industry groups to evaluate technological advances in electric transportation.