Customer Generation

At PacifiCorp, we work to meet our customer's energy needs in the most cost-effective manner, seeking to maintain our low-cost provider status and minimizing the price impacts of acquiring energy. One such energy source is through our customers, which are often referred to as Distributed Generation projects. 

Distributed Generation (DG) projects are generation sources located near customer sites, which may be highly integrated with or isolated from the company's electric grid. These technologies can include: internal combustion engine/generators, micorturbines, photovoltaics, wind turbines, external combustions engines and/or fuel cells.

PacifiCorp embraces DG projects provided that their application is safe, reliable, economically responsible and cost-effective. Although PacifiCorp will not provide customers and/or developers above-market incentives for the development of DG projects, the company does facilitate new DG resources through five primary activities:

  • Providing information on available market-based incentives
  • Effectively processing Qualified Facility (QF) applications
  • Entertaining DG project proposals as part of PacifiCorp's resource procurement process
  • Offering net metering programs (for smaller renewable projects)
  • Providing information and requirements on interconnection requirements.

Prices paid by the company for the energy and capacity provided by QFs varies by state and project size. Non-QF DG projects can compete with other supply-side options through PacifiCorp's procurement process. Net metering programs are available to DG developers of smaller projects (typically 25 kw and smaller) who invest in on-site technologies (such as solar, wind, fuel cell and hydro technologies). 

For more DG information for your state, visit Pacific Power or Rocky Mountain Power.