Demand-Side Management

Demand-side management involves reducing electricity use through activities or programs that promote electric energy efficiency or conservation, or more efficient management of electric energy loads. These efforts may:

  • Promote high efficiency building practices
  • Promote the purchase of energy-efficient ENERGY STAR® products
  • Encourage the transition from incandescent lighting to more efficient lighting technologies
  • Encourage customers to shift non-critical usage of electricity from high-use periods to after 7 p.m. or before 11 a.m.
  • Consist of programs providing limited utility control of customer equipment such as air conditioners
  • Promote energy awareness and education

Potential Study

To improve the analysis, planning and delivery of demand-side management resources (DSM), the Company completes a systemwide study to identify the potential of demand-side management resources and their related costs over a 20 year horizon. The study is designed to assist with the planning and modeling efforts of our Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) and as a result is generally updated every two to three years for relevancy. Links to the 2019 study and related documents are below.

2019 draft study documents

PDF Volume 1 – Demand-Side Resource Potential Assessment for 2019-2038 Executive Summary Draft

PDF Volume 2 – Class 2 DSM Analysis Draft

PDF Volume 3 – Class 1 and 3 DSM Analysis Draft

PDF Volume 4 – Class 2 DSM Analysis Appendices A-H Draft

PDF Volume 4 – Class 2 DSM Analysis Appendix I (55 MB) Draft

PDF Volume 5 – Class 1 and 3 DSM Analysis Appendices Draft

2017 and earlier study documents »

Class 2 DSM Decrement Study

PDF 2017 Class 2 DSM Decrement Study

2015 document »

Reports & Program Evaluations by Jurisdiction






Programs for Customers

For more information on demand-side management programs, please visit our customer websites:

Pacific Power customers (Oregon, Washington, California)

Rocky Mountain Power customers (Utah, Wyoming, Idaho)