Hourly Release Estimates

24-hour Water Release Info






Klamath hourly water release estimates will be provided again in Spring 2015.

Important Message:

The flow release schedule for the J.C. Boyle Powerhouse is a good faith estimate and not a guarantee that any releases will occur as or when estimated. Operational considerations, mechanical failure, human error or system safety concerns could require changes to this schedule with little or no notice. PacifiCorp provides this information as a courtesy for recreational users of the river and makes no warranty of it’s accuracy or fitness for any particular purpose.

These flow estimates now include an additional 150-300 cfs of base flow occurs in the JC Boyle bypass reach between the dam and the put-in. It is recommended that all boating parties check the BLM staff gage at the put-in to verify actual flow.

The values listed above are in average cubic feet per second for the 60 minute period beginning with the hour indicated in the above table. Actual flows will vary over the hour when the project is ramping flows up and down.

Click here to download JC Boyle bypass flow history



updated 5/12/2014