Rogue River

The Upper Rogue River near PacifiCorp's hydroelectric facilities in Prospect, Oregon provides a range of public recreation opportunities.  Specifically, the Rogue River bypassed reach between North Fork Dam and the Prospect Nos. 1 and 2 Powerhouses provides opportunities for whitewater recreation, depending on the time of year and the availability of water.  Article 415 of PacifiCorp's license for the Project issued by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission on April 8, 2008 contains a requirement that PacifiCorp "provide a daily morning flow reading for the head of the Rogue River bypassed reach by a telephone recording from March 1 through Labor Day throughout the term of the license for the purposes of alerting whitewater boaters of flow conditions in the bypassed reach."

PacifiCorp now meets this requirement by posting flows recorded at a river flow gage in the bypassed reach on a web page that indicates flow in cubic feet per second (CFS).  The data is sampled and the page is updated every hour.

Bypass Reach Flows

Disclaimer:  PacifiCorp is by no means promoting or inviting the public to participate in whitewater boating activities in the Rogue River bypassed reach.  These water management data are estimates of river flows.  Please beware and use caution, as actual river flows may be vastly different because of operational changes at the dams or due to weather conditions.  Remember:  These are estimates only and are subject to extreme change without notice.

Whitewater Boating Opportunities and Release Schedule