IRP Comments

Stakeholder Feedback Form

PacifiCorp requests stakeholders provide feedback especially upon the conclusion of each public input meeting and/or stakeholder conference calls. PacifiCorp values the input of its active and engaged stakeholder group, and stakeholder feedback is critical to the IRP public input process. PacifiCorp requests that stakeholders provide comments using the form accessed through the link below.  This format will allow the Company to more easily review and summarize comments by topic and to readily identify specific recommendations, if any, being provided. Information collected will be used to better inform issues included in the 2017 IRP, including, but not limited to the process, assumptions, and analysis.

2017 IRP Stakeholder Feedback Form (Microsoft Word)

2017 IRP Received Comments

PDF Sierra Club – RPS, Modeling, ISO, EIM, Energy Storage (7-14-16)

PDF Utah Division of Public Utilities – General, Environmental, ISO, DSM, RPS (7-29-2016)

PDF Utah Clean Energy – Utility Scale and Distributed Storage (8-19-16)

PDF Western Resource Advocates and Utah Clean Energy – CPP Modeling (8-24-16)

PDF Interwest Energy Alliance – RPS/RFPs, Regional ISO, Energy Storage (8-24-16)

PDF Utah Clean Energy – Conservation Potential Assessment Study (8-31-16)

PDF Utah Division of Public Utilities – Portfolios, Process, Supply-Side Resources, Outside Studies, Load Forecast (9-12-16)

PDF Sierra Club, Idaho Conservation League, HEAL Utah, NW Energy Coalition, Western Clean Energy Campaign, and Powder River Basin Council – CPP and Regional Haze Scenarios (9-14-16)

PDF Sierra Club – Battery Energy Storage Systems (9-14-16)

PDF HEAL Utah – Coal Combustion Residuals (9-14-16)

PDF Utah Clean Energy – Portfolio Development Details, Supply Side Resource Tables and Battery Energy Storage Resource Table (9-15-16)

PDF Interwest Energy Alliance – Supply-Side and Battery Energy Storage Resources, Wind and Solar Costs (9-15-16)

PDF Oregon Public Utility Commission – Regional Haze and Coal Retirements (9-22-16)

PDF Utah Clean Energy – Supply-Side Resources and Capacity Contribution Study (11-4-16)

PDF Utah Clean Energy – Private Generation Study (12-9-16)

PDF Sierra Club – Process (1-19-17)

PDF Utah Division of Public Utilities – Process (2-13-17)

PDF Renewable Energy Coalition – Modeling Assumptions (2-21-17)

PDF Renewable Northwest, NW Energy Coalition, Sierra Club, and Natural Resources Defense Council – Front Office Transactions, Price Curve, Modeling (3-7-17)

2015 IRP Received Comments

PDF Oregon Public Utility Commission - Data Disks (6-11-14)

PDF Utah Association of Energy Users - DSM Cost-Benefit test (7-10-14)

PDF Utah Division of Public Utilities - Public Meeting #2 (7-25-14)

PDF John Klingele Washington - Load Forecast Slide (7-31-14)

PDF NW Energy Coalition - Solar PV Costs (8-7-14, 5MB)

PDF Utah Clean Energy with WRA and SWEEP - CVR Study (8-12-14)

PDF Blue Castle Holdings - Nuclear Options (8-14-14)

PDF Interwest Energy Alliance - Wind Costs (8-14-14, 9mb)

PDF Northern Laramie Range Alliance (NLRA) - Environmental Policy, RPS and Transmission (8-14-14)

PDF Oregon Department of Energy (ODOE) - PaR Runs (8-19-14)

PDF "Clean Energy Scenario Stakeholders" - Scenario Matrix (8-20-14)

PDF Renewable Northwest Project - Capacity Contribution (8-21-14)

PDF Citizens' Utility Board of Oregon - Carbon Scenario (8-22-14)

PDF Utah Office of Consumer Services - Transmission (8-25-14)

PDF HEAL Utah - Nuclear Costs (8-26-14)

PDF HEAL Utah - Levelized Costs (8-27-14)

PDF HEAL Utah - Renewables Performance and Costs Summary (8-27-14)

PDF "Clean Energy Scenario Stakeholders" - Regional Haze Scenarios (8-28-14)

PDF Oregon Department of Energy (ODOE) - CO2 Scenario (9-5-14)

PDF Washington Department of Commerce - Anaerobic Digesters (9-16-14)

PDF PacifiCorp Response to Washington Department of Commerce (10-13-14)

PDF "Clean Energy Scenario Stakeholders" - Case Fact Sheets (10-3-14)

PDF Renewable Energy Coalition - Wholesale Power (10-10-14)

PDF Industrial Customers of Northwest Utilities - Carbon Scenarios (10-20-14)

PDF Utah Clean Energy - Distributed Generation Study (10-31-14)

PDF Renewable Energy Coalition - Solar QFs and Market Resources (10-31-14)

PDF Blue Castle Holdings - Advance Fission Capital Costs (10-31-14)

PDF Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission - RECs and 111(d) compliance (11-24-14)

PDF Utah Clean Energy - Distributed Generation Study #2 (12-31-14)

PDF Renewable Energy Coalition - Wholesale Power Availability (1-25-15)