Bridger coal mine

PacifiCorp has interests in coal mines that support its coal-fueled generating facilities.

In Wyoming, PacifiCorp has two-thirds interest in the Jim Bridger Mine. Bridger Coal Company, a PacifiCorp joint venture with Idaho Power Company, is the mine operator. PacifiCorp also has an interest in the Trapper mine in Colorado.

In 2015, PacifiCorp idled the Deer Creek underground coal mine in Utah and commenced reclamation activities.  

Coal mining operations produce low-cost, quality fuel for PacifiCorp's power plants and are nationally recognized for productivity, safety and environmental factors.

As part of the company's commitment to the environment, it has introduced new clean technologies to reduce the impact of its mining operations on the environment.

Bridger Coal earns reclamation honors

Bridger Coal Company was recognized for successful reclamation work April 16, 2013, by the Interstate Mining Compact Commission, a multi-state governmental organization that represents natural resource and environmental protection interests. The company earned an honorable mention for using innovative methods to restore areas of Bridger Coal’s surface mine to its pre-mining state. Read more »

Dave Johnston Mine reclamation earns national award

Reclamation efforts at the Dave Johnston Mine in Glenrock, Wyoming, have been recognized with numerous awards from federal, state and environmental agencies. Topping the list is the 2012 Excellence in Surface Coal Mining Reclamation Award for exemplary reclamation accomplishments. Read more »