Blundell geothermal plant

Blundell is a 34-megawatt geothermal facility near Milford, Utah. The plant was completed in 1984, becoming the first geothermal electric plant outside of California.

In a geothermal electric generating plant, the source of energy is ground water thousands of feet below the surface, heated by nearby magma. The hydro thermal reservoir at Blundell lies 3,000 feet below the Earth's surface and contains water at more than 500°F and a pressure of 500 pounds per square inch. A well brings the high-pressure, heated water to the surface, where it “flashes” to steam, then is used to power a steam turbine and generator. Blundell is a fully renewable, zero-discharge facility. No fossil fuels are used to generate electricity; rather it is renewed and generated by heat in the ground. There is also no pollution of the atmosphere because of the absence of combustion by-products.

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