Hunting Access FAQ

Important Notice: No hunting will be permitted between March 20 and December 20, 2019, at PacifiCorp's Marengo wind facility due to a construction project that will increase the generation capacity of the faclilty.

PacifiCorp, Puget Sound Energy and Portland General Electric have a joint written permission hunting and access program. This applies to Marengo, Hopkins Ridge and Tucannan River wind facilities. Here are some answers to commonly asked questions:

Can I access land in PacifiCorp’s, Puget Sound Energy’s and Portland General Electric's wind facilities?

Yes, only with written permission. To get permission, complete the online application form on any of the utilities websites. You will need to go to The General Store in Dayton to complete the registration process and to pick up the final papers you will need to keep with you while on the wind site. You only need to register with one utility to access any of the three areas.

What will I need to be able to hunt on wind project properties?

First complete the application form, either online or in person at The General Store in Dayton. If completed online,you will receive a confirmation email instructing you to pick up final paperwork at The General Store before hunting. Required paperwork includes a signed Access Permission Agreement, and a hanging vehicle tag, which The General Store will issue once the paperwork is complete. The hanging vehicle tag must be visible in your vehicle at all times while in the access area.

In addition to these two papers, while hunting, you also will be required to carry a map of participating properties;one is included in the hunting access brochure for each wind facility area. Everyone in your hunting party must have signed agreements and a hanging vehicle tag, with the exception of minors under 18 who are not hunting. Minors under 18 years are required to have a guardian signature to access the properties. Minors between the ages of 12-18 years old who are hunting must have their own Access Permission Agreement form that includes a guardian's signature.

Where can I hunt?

Public access to lands within most of the Marengo, Hopkins Ridge and Tucannaon River wind facilities is available, but there are special rules in place to ensure the safety of hunters, local residents and wind facility workers. This area is marked. Please study the maps and keep them with you to ensure you are within a hunting zone. Signs will be placed in many locations, but the maps are still your best guide. The maps include GPS coordinates to help you locate your position. The areas lie mostly on private land and it is a privilege to access these lands for hunting, bird watching or other purposes.

Please review the Marengo, Hopkins Ridge  and Tucannon River Access Rules.

Why are some areas open to access and others are restricted?

PacifiCorp, PSE and PGE lease land from private landowners and the state of Washington  to operate their wind facilities. Many of the landowners have a contract with the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife that allows controlled public access if the public agrees to respect the privilege and follow special rules on these lands. These lands are identified on the wind facility area maps in green as Public Access with Permit, obtained from local store. These lands are open to the public after written permission is given.

Other landowners privately manage access and hunting on their own land and additional hunting permission is unavailable. These areas are marked on the wind facility area maps in yellow as Public Access with Permit, obtained directly from landowner on the map. If you see hunters in these areas or hear gunfire coming from these areas, it is because certain hunters have received landowner permission.

Some private landowners within the wind project boundary do not want their land accessed. These lands are marked on the wind facility area maps in orange as Public Access Unavailable, private access permits only. No access or hunting is allowed in these areas.

For areas within the map marked in red, No Hunting is Allowed.

Why do I need to stop at The General Store if I’ve completed the application online?

At the store, you will be asked to complete the application process by filling in your birth date and driver's license information, and signing the Access Permission Agreement form. State game officials and local law enforcement also require that hunters show picture identification if over 18 years old. Finally, a hanging vehicle tag will be issued and the corresponding number added to your Access Permission Agreement. Each hunter will receive a copy to keep with them while on the properties, and a copy will be kept on file.

Store hours at The General Store can vary seasonally, so plan ahead if an early morning or late evening hunting trip is planned. You can contact the store at 509-382-1042 or via email at

What are the rules within the wind facility areas?

The rules that apply while hunting within the boundary of the facilities are spelled out in the Access Permission Agreement form that you will carry with you while hunting.

PacifiCorp Marengo/Puget Sound Energy Hopkins Ridge/Portland General Electric Tucannon River wind facilities hunting rules:

Violation of any of the rules that follow will result in loss of all access privileges and possibly trespassing violations.

  1. NO HUNTING during wind turbine construction periods or posted closure periods.
  2. NO ACCESS of any kind within 300 feet (100 yard) of the wind turbines, buildings or substations.
  3. NO ACCESS of any kind within 1,000 feet (333 yards) of the wind turbines from the third Sunday of November through the third Sunday of February due to potential icing conditions.
  4. NO POINTING OR SHOOTING OF ANY WEAPON at a target of any kind with people, wind turbines, overhead power lines, splice boxes, junction boxes, maintenance vehicles, signs, posts fences, gates, maintenance facilities or substation in your scope of view. NO shooting from vehicles, across roads, or from any maintained portion of wind facility access roads.
  5. NO VEHICLE TRAFFIC of any kind on Lessors’ property except on COUNTY roads unless authorized in writing by Lessor. Driving on wind-turbine access roads is not allowed. This includes operation of OFF-ROAD VEHICLES (ORVs) or ALL-TERRAIN VEHICLES (ATVs).
  6. NO HORSES OR PACK ANIMALS are allowed on Lessors’ property unless previously authorized in writing by Lessor.
  7. DO NOT BLOCK ACCESS gates or entrances.
  8. All hunters must abide by Washington State Game Rules and Regulations.
  9. All access may be canceled on Lessors' land whenever it is deemed necessary by Lessors or Lessees.
  10. No overnight camping/parking or outdoor fires on Lessors' property unless previously authorized in writing by Lessor.
  11. HANGING VEHICLE TAGS must be clearly displayed and visible from outside of the vehicle while accessing Lessors' property.
  12. YOUR ACCESS PERMISSION AGREEMENT must be carried on you while hunting within PacifiCorp's Marengo Wind Facility and/or Puget Sound Energy's Hopkins Ridge Wind Facility and/or Portland General Electric's Tucannon River Wind Farm areas.
  13. PLEASE REMOVE YOUR GUT PILES to prevent attracting savenging raptors to the wind farm area.

To help assure continued access to these lands, please report any violations of rules or laws to the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office 509-382-1100, OR if there is an emergency, please call 911.

Can my children come?

Yes, but only those ages 12 or older who have completed a hunters safety course are allowed to hunt. Those under 18 also will need a guardian signature on the Access Permission Agreement form. More details are in the access rules and regulations above.