Lake Side 1 and Lake Side 2 generation facilities

PacifiCorp operates thermal electric facilities that generate electricity from coal, geothermal or natural gas resources. Together, these plants generate 8,412 megawatts of electricity, which account for about 70 percent of PacifiCorp's generation capacity.

The company operates thermal plants in Wyoming, Utah, Arizona, Colorado, Montana and Oregon.

PacifiCorp's power plants use specialized equipment to control environmental emissions and comply with all state and federal requirements. Learn more about the company's new clean air technologies.

Thermal Generation Fact Sheets

PDF PacifiCorp Natural Gas Generation Overview

PDF Pacific Power Natural Gas Generation Overview

PDF Rocky Mountain Power Natural Gas Generation Overview

PDF Blundell Plant

PDF Carbon Plant

PDF Chehalis Generation Facility

PDF Currant Creek Generation Facility

PDF Dave Johnston Plant

PDF Gadsby Generation Facility

PDF Hunter Plant

PDF Huntington Plant

PDF Jim Bridger Plant Fact Sheet

PDF Jim Bridger Plant Brochure

PDF Lake Side 1 and Lake Side 2 Generation Facilities

PDF Naughton Plant

PDF Wyodak Plant

PDF Thermal Units Less Than 500 MW