Resource Supply Request for Proposals

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The Resource Supply Request for Proposals are initiated from the Action Plan within PacifiCorp's Integrated Resource Plan.

Listed below is all of the information available for the RFP process. More information will be made available as it is released. For questions or more information, please send us an email:

General RFP questions:


Request for Proposals - Active

2017 Transferred Frequency Response RFP (Issued Jan. 12, 2017)

2016 PacifiCorp Reverse REC RFP (Issued Aug. 30, 2016)


Request for Proposals - No Longer Active

2016 Renewable Resource RFP (Closed)

2016 Renewable Energy Credits RFP (Closed)

2016 Natural Gas Asset Management and Supply RFP (Closed)

2015 Market Resource RFP (Closed)

2015 RFP for Oregon Retail Marketing Services & RECs (Blue Sky Usage & Habitat) (Closed)

2015 Solar RFP - RFP for Utah Solar (Closed)

RFP Renewable Energy Credits - NEW RFP for California Compliance RECs (Closed)

2014 "Reverse" Market RFP (Closed)

2013 Solar RFP (Closed)

2013 Natural Gas Transportation RFP (Closed)

2012 Natural Gas RFP

All Source RFP - Resource 2016

RFP Market Resources

RFP Independent Evaluator - Oregon (Issued 5-5-2011)

RFP 2011 Gas Transportation (Issued 7-5-2011)

RFP Solar (11-30-2010)

RFP All Source (12-2-09) - Closed

2008 All Source (suspended)

RFP 2012 – Base Load Resource (4-5-2007)

RFP 2008R – Renewable Resources (1-31-2008)

RFP 2008R-1 – Renewable Resources (10-6-2008)

PDF Oregon Independent Evaluator RFP (3MB)

2016 Renewable Resource RFP (Issued April 11, 2016)

2016 Renewable Energy Credits RFP (Issued April 11, 2016)