Suggestions for Properly Completing Form W-8 or 8233

PacifiCorp will be able to approve your Form W-8 or 8233 more quickly if it is properly completed. PacifiCorp does not provide tax advice so we strongly recommend you consult with your tax advisor before choosing and completing the appropriate Form W-8 or 8233. You may wish to consider these suggestions as you complete the form. While our suggestions pertain to Form W-8BEN and W-8ECI (the most common forms), similar suggestions would apply to whichever form is appropriate to the foreign vendor.

  1. Read the form's instructions carefully.
  2. Complete all applicable lines or boxes.
  3. Do not abbreviate the name of your home country.
  4. Do not use a post office box or in-care-of address where indicated on the form.
  5. To claim treaty benefits, enter your U.S. taxpayer identification number (line 6).
  6. Please include your foreign tax identification number (line 7).
  7. Read the certification statement above the signature line carefully.
  8. Sign and date the form and include your title where indicated.
  9. Specific Form W-8BEN suggestions: 
    a. Check all boxes on line 9 that apply.

    b. If the U.S. has a treaty with the vendor's home country, it is common to see boxes 9a, 9b and 9c all checked.

    c. Read the instructions for line 10 before completing it.
  10. Specific Form W-8ECI suggestions:

a. Remember that foreign vendors submitting this form must file a U.S. income tax return.

b. On line 9, describe the type of income you expect to receive from PacifiCorp.

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