Leading Efforts to Power the Future

PacifiCorp owns and operates one of the largest privately held transmission systems in the U.S. Our goal is to provide efficient, low cost and reliable transmission services to all users of the system.

The company assures reliability by maintaining strong operational, maintenance, and compliance programs including operating redundant control centers in Portland and Salt Lake City.

Transmission Services

PacifiCorp’s transmission system is managed by Pacific Power and markets transmission services using an Open Access Same-Time Information System (OASIS). PacifiCorp provides potential customers information about obtaining generation interconnection services and/or transmission services under its Open Access Transmission Tariff. More information on transmission services »

Transmission Projects & Energy Gateway

PacifiCorp is leading an ambitious, $6 billion-plus investment plan to expand the transmission system in the West. PacifiCorp continues to permit and construct needed transmission additions, including the Energy Gateway projects that are slated to add 2,000 miles of transmission lines across the West. View current projects »

Western Grid Coordination

PacifiCorp operates its grid within the Energy Imbalance Market that went live in November 2014. The EIM was created by PacifiCorp and the California ISO, the two largest transmission providers in the Western U.S. The EIM uses a sophisticated system to automatically balance demand every five minutes with the lowest cost energy available across the eight-state combined grid.

The EIM leverages the growing diversity of renewable resources, flexible backup resources and demand using advanced technology to keep energy supply affordable and reliable.

Since the EIM launch in November 2014, the California ISO estimated that the new system saved customers a total of $330.5 million.  

Regional coordination captures latent value without the need for significant new infrastructure and provides the foundation necessary for the grid to accommodate large volumes of renewable generation while maintaining a low cost, reliable supply of electricity. Learn more about regional coordination »


Transmission Facts

transmission lines

High-voltage transmission lines carry electricity from a generation source to the local distribution system to meet consumer needs.

  • Area served: 750 communities in six Western states from Portland, Ore. and Salt Lake City, Utah to Alturas, Calif. and Buffalo, Wyo.
  • System: Interconnected with more than 80 generating plants & 15 adjacent control areas at 124 interconnection points
  • Area covered: Extends 16,500 miles across 10 states

PacifiCorp is committed to providing non-discriminatory, open-access transmission service. Review standards of conduct