Transmission Projects

Trasmission construction

Transmission lines are the interstate freeways for electricity, with on-ramps from diverse generating sources and off-ramps to customers and communities who need power. Energy use is increasing and significant additions to our transmission system will be required in the next 10 years.

Our Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) identifies a need for more transmission lines to deliver electricity from new generating resources – either from new generating plants, or to provide a path for additional energy purchases from other entities in the region. We are involved in discussions at state and federal levels on the critical need to expand transmission systems in the region, and are in the process of studying and planning transmission expansion projects identified inside and outside of our IRP. This process includes very long-range planning to ensure our transmission system integrates well with other utility systems in the Western Electricity Coordinating Council (WECC).

Below are links to the information on transmission projects now in progress, including several that are part of our Energy Gateway Transmission Expansion program, announced in May 2007. Click to find maps, background information and important dates in the public approval process.

Current Projects

Naples Substation and Transmission Upgrade

Sams Valley

South Jordan to Draper

Southeastern Idaho

Vantage to Pomona Heights

West of Hemingway

Segment A - Wallula to McNary

Segment H - West of Hemingway