Segment C - Mona to Oquirrh

Project Overview

Mona to Oquirrh

New transmission lines and substations are needed to provide additional capacity to serve the growing electrical demand of customers, to improve reliability and operational flexibility of the electrical system and to provide access to existing and future generation resources.

We are committed to providing safe reliable and cost-effective power to customers. As part of the Energy Gateway expansion project, we constructed a new high-voltage transmission line, one new substation, planned one new future substation and expanded an existing substation in Utah. This project originates at the Clover Substation near Mona in Juab County and terminates at the Oquirrh Substation near South Jordan in Salt Lake County. A single-circuit 500/345-kilovolt line runs north to the site of the future Limber Substation in Tooele County and then runs east to the Oquirrh Substation as a double circuit 345-kilovolt line. When the Limber Substation is constructed at some point in the future, the voltage is stepped down to 345-kilovolt to the Oquirrh Substation and the Mona to Limber section will be operated at 500-kilovolt. Also planned as part of this project but for future construction is a double-circuit 345-kilovolt line connecting the future Limber Substation with the Terminal Substation in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Project Timeline

  • Completion of Mona to Oquirrh project – May 2013


(Updated March 2019)