Small Generation Interconnections

Generating facilities 20 megawatts or less and fall under the jurisdiction of FERC will be processed according to PacifiCorp’s OATT Small Generator Interconnection Procedures (SGIP).

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Kris Bremer

Tariff Rules

If you would like to review the rules for Small Generating Facilities please see sections 39-52 of the OATT for processes and regulations.

Link to OATT (Select "PacifiCorp OASIS Tariff/Company Information" and then click on the most recent version)
Facility Interconnection Requirements

The links below contain PacifiCorp’s Generation Interconnection Policies based on the interconnecting voltage. The policies explain the technical requirements for interconnection of generators to PacifiCorp's power systems. It is based on applicable rules and tariffs crafted by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and jurisdictional state regulatory agencies.

In addition to providing reliability, this policy is consistent with safety requirements for PacifiCorp employees and the general public.

PDF Policy 138 - Interconnection Requirements for Distribution

PDF Policy 139 - Interconnection Requirements for Transmission

Customer Options to Shorten Timelines
  • Skip the Feasibility Study
  • Execute engineering and procurement agreements to advance design time and procurement of materials
  • Customer may be allowed to design, procure and/or construct certain company-owned facilities if approved by PacifiCorp

Interconnection Customer must submit the following for a valid application to receive a queue number:

  • Original signed application with all applicable fields completed
  • Application deposit $1,000
  • Demonstration of site control

Specifically, PacifiCorp requires documentation reasonably demonstrating ownership, right to develop, option to purchase, leasehold or an exclusivity or business relationship between the applicant and the person/company owning the property that gives the applicant the right to construct a generating facility on the land. If Interconnection Customer owns the land, the most recent property tax receipt for the location would be an acceptable form of site control.

PDF Small Generator Interconnection Application

PDF Application for Interconnecting a Certified Inverter-Based Small Generating Facility No Larger than 10kW

PDF Application-Study Checklist

Scoping Meeting
Within ten (10) business days after the application has been deemed complete, the Transmission Provider shall hold a scoping meeting to discuss the project. The public utility and the applicant may agree to waive the scoping meeting requirement.
Study Process
<= 10 kW Inverter Study Process
The application, procedures, and terms and conditions for interconnecting a certified inverter-based generator no larger than 10 kW can be found in PacifiCorp’s OATT under Appendix 5 to the SGIP. PacifiCorp’s OATT can be found at the link shown above.

<= 2 MW Fast Track Study Process

Under certain circumstances generators that are 2 MW or less may skip the standard study process if it meets certain standards identified as part of a Fast Track process. The applicability and procedures for the Fast Track process can be found in PacifiCorp’s OATT in the SGIP section 50. PacifiCorp’s OATT can be found at the link shown above.

Standard Study Process

Feasibility Study


The Feasibility Study is an optional study the Interconnection Customer may request (should the Interconnection Customer decide to skip this study they would be required to complete the System Impact Study, see below). 
  • The study deposit is $1,000.  
  • The study will take thirty (30) business days to complete. 
  • The estimated cost to complete the study is $5,000 – 10,000. The balance of the study costs will be invoiced / refunded upon completion of the study.
The Feasibility Study shall provide the following information:
  • preliminary identification of any circuit breaker short circuit capability limits exceeded as a result of the interconnection;
  • preliminary identification of any thermal overload or voltage limit violations resulting from the interconnection; and
  • preliminary description and non-binding estimated cost of facilities required to interconnect the large generating facility to the transmission system and to address the identified short circuit and power flow issues.

System Impact Study

The System Impact Study is a required study and must be completed prior to the Facilities Study and signing the Small Generator Interconnection Agreement (SGIA). 
  • The study deposit is $10,000. The estimated cost to complete the study is $9,000 - 13,000.
  • The study will take forty-five (45) business days to complete.
  • The balance of the study costs will be invoiced / refunded upon completion of the study.
The System Impact Study shall evaluate the impact of the proposed interconnection on the reliability of the transmission system. The System Impact Study will consider base case as well as all generating facilities that, on the date the System Impact Study is commenced:
  • are directly interconnected to the transmission system;
  • are interconnected to affected systems and may have an impact on the interconnection request;
  • have a pending higher queued interconnection request to interconnect to the transmission system, including any identified network upgrades associated with such higher queued interconnection; and
  • have no queue position but have executed an SGIA or requested that an unexecuted SGIA be filed with FERC.
The System Impact Study will consist of a short circuit analysis, a stability analysis, and a power flow analysis. The System Impact Study will state the assumptions upon which it is based; state the results of the analyses; and provide the requirements or potential impediments to providing the requested interconnection service, including preliminary indication of the cost and length of time that would be necessary to correct any problems identified in those analyses and implement the interconnection. The System Impact Study will provide a list of facilities that are required as a result of the interconnection request and a non-binding good faith estimate of the cost responsibility and a non-binding good faith estimated time to construct

Facilities Study

The Facilities Study is a required study and must be completed prior to signing the Small Generator Interconnection Agreement. 
  • The study deposit is $15,000. The estimated cost to complete the study is $7,000 – 9,000.
  • The study will take forty-five (45) business days to complete.
  • The balance of the study cost will be invoiced / refunded upon completion of the study.
The objective of the Facilities Study is to complete a facilities analysis, which shall specify and estimate the cost of equipment, engineering, procurement, and construction required to address issues as outlined in the System Impact Study, and shall provide a scope of work and an estimated cost and schedule for completing the scope of work.
FERC Order 2006 applies to small generating facilities. This order requires three (3) study processes for proposed interconnection of a small generating facility:
  • ≤ 10 kW inverter process.
  • ≤ 2 MW fast track process. The Interconnection Customer’s facility must meet the codes, standards and certification requirements of Appendix 3 and 4 to Order 2006. These attachments are located among the various agreements in the OATT. Please visit the link under Tariff Rules below.
  • Standard study process. Interconnection Customers who do not pass the inverter or fact track process.
Engineering & Procurement
Prior to executing a Small Generator Interconnection Agreement, an Interconnection Customer may, in order to advance the implementation of its interconnection, request and Transmission Provider shall offer the Interconnection Customer, an Engineering and Procurement Agreement that authorizes Transmission Provider to begin engineering and procurement of long lead-time items necessary for the establishment of the interconnection.
Interconnection Agreement

Upon completion of the Facilities Study, and with the agreement of the Interconnection Customer to pay for Interconnection Facilities and Upgrades identified in the Facilities Study, the Transmission Provider shall provide the Interconnection Customer an executable interconnection agreement within five (5) Business Days.

PDF Small Generator Interconnection Agreement

Financial Security

At least twenty (20) business days prior to the commencement of the design, procurement, installation, or construction of a discrete portion of a Transmission Provider’s Interconnection Facilities and upgrades, the Interconnection Customer shall provide the Transmission Provider, at the Interconnection Customer’s option, a guarantee, a surety bond, letter of credit or other form of security that is reasonably acceptable to Transmission Provider and is consistent with the uniform Commercial Code of the jurisdiction identified in Article 6.3. Such security for payment shall be in an amount sufficient to cover the costs for construction, designing, procuring, and installing the applicable portion of Transmission Provider’s Interconnection Facilities and Upgrades and shall be reduced on a dollar-for-dollar basis for payments made to Transmission Provider for these purposes.

PDF Letter of Credit

Closeout checklist

Following commercial operation, but prior to formal project closeout, PacifiCorp requires that the Interconnection Customer provide as-built drawings, information and documents for the Interconnection Customer’s Interconnection Facilities including submission of the following form.

As-built Checklist