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PacifiCorp is one of the West's leading utilities, serving approximately 1.9 million customers in six states. The company was formed in 1984, when our electric utility, natural resource development and telecommunications businesses grew into full-fledged enterprises. In 1989, we merged with Utah Power & Light and continued doing business as Pacific Power and Utah Power. PacifiCorp is a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway Energy.

Today, PacifiCorp consists of two business units: Pacific Power, which delivers electricity to customers in Oregon, Washington and California, is headquartered in Portland, Oregon; and Rocky Mountain Power, which delivers electricity to customers in Utah, Wyoming and Idaho, is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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Pacific Power 

Just 30 years after Thomas Edison invented the light bulb, Pacific Power & Light Company (PP&L) was born in the Pacific Northwest. Formed in 1910, PP&L started from several small electric companies and served just 7,000 customers in Astoria and Pendleton in Oregon, and Yakima and Walla Walla in Washington. Once established, PP&L acquired other companies and service areas, building new generation and an extensive transmission and distribution system to serve electric customers in Oregon and Washington, and later in Idaho, Wyoming, Montana and Northern California.

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Rocky Mountain Power  

Before the company's name was changed in 2006, Rocky Mountain Power served customers in Utah and Idaho as Utah Power. Wyoming customers were served by Pacific Power, though some had been served earlier under the Utah Power name.

Utah Power dates back to 1881, when Salt Lake City became the fifth city in the world to have central station electricity. Known then as Utah Power & Light (UP&L), the company itself was formed in 1912 from several small electric companies in Utah, Idaho and western Colorado. In organizing dozens of small power companies, serving 130 small cities and towns, the new company supplied about 39,700 customers in 1912. In just 10 years, UP&L grew to serve 205 communities and 83,000 customers.

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