Electrical aptitude test

The electrical aptitude test/NJATC is offered by the Electrical Training Alliance and is a tool used to select candidates. The test consists of two parts:

Reading Comprehension: To study for the reading portion of the test, it is recommended that you read information and have the ability to recall what you have read either by answering questions or having someone quiz your memory.

Algebra and Functions: To study for the math portion of the test, it is recommended that you review Algebra 1 only. There are a variety of study materials on the Internet for additional practice.

If you obtain a score below 5 on the test, you must wait six months to retest. Tests taken before six months will not be considered valid. NJATC test scores with a 5 or better are valid for 2 years.

For information on the location of testing centers go to Electrical Training Alliance


Utah Electrical JATC

Eastern Idaho Electrical JATC
Southwestern Idaho Electrical JATC

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Be sure to contact the location and ask if they participate in NJATC testing prior to visiting. Not all locations administer the NJATC.