Electric transportation and mobility

We are striving to lead by example to reduce our fleet’s fuel use and emissions, while offering innovative pilot programs to expand charging infrastructure and demonstrate the merits of electric transportation to customers.

Paving the way for cleaner air

In 2017, the company received a $4 million cost-share award from the U.S. Department of Energy to develop electric highway corridors and innovative smart mobility programs.

To put the plan into action, Rocky Mountain Power led development of Live Electric, a collaboration with the Department of Energy, Utah Clean Cities, Breathe Utah and a number of other state and local organizations that are dedicated to finding creative, effective ways to speed the transition to a clean transportation future.

Creating electric highways

Live Electric aims to install 700 charging stations by 2020 along I-15, I-80, I-70 and I-84 highway corridors. This means that today’s electric vehicle owners can experience the West's iconic ski resorts and national parks without worrying about running out of battery life. On the way to Zion National Park, for example, electric vehicle drivers can quickly recharge at Maverik stations in Santaquin, Fillmore, Cedar City and Washington.

Pacific Power also recently joined other West Coast utilities and agencies to explore how best to provide electric vehicle charging along Interstate-5 for electric trucks to help curb air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

Advancing smart mobility innovation

The company is also developing innovative programs to assist fleet operators and ride hailing companies like Uber and Lyft to convert to electric vehicles, along with advancing the use of electric bikes and buses to create an emission-free community experience.

Expanding community and workplace charging

Pacific Power and Rocky Mountain Power programs are making it easier for businesses and communities to install charging stations.

Packsize International in Salt Lake City has taken the lead in creating the largest electric vehicle charging installation in Utah. The packaging solution company installed 50 Level 2 chargers at its headquarters for use by its employees and the public. More than $110,000 in incentives from Rocky Mountain Power helped pay for the equipment.

In the Pacific Northwest, 40 businesses and communities have received grant funding to install EV charging stations. The Pacific Power grant program will award nearly $1.5 million in total to projects that power transportation electricfication. 

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