Public input process

PacifiCorp has pursued an open and collaborative approach to involve state regulatory agenices, customers and other stakeholders in our Integrated Resource Plan development. Since resource decisions can have significant economic and environmental consequences, conducting this planning with transparency and full participation from the regulatory agencies and other interested and affected parties is essential.

The public has been involved in PacifiCorp's resource plans from the earliest stages and at each decisive step. Participants have both shared comments and ideas, as well as received information.

The cornerstone of the public input process has been full-day meetings throughout the yearlong plan development period. These meetings have been held jointly in two locations, Salt Lake City and Portland, using telephone and videoconferencing technology, to encourage wide participation while minimizing travel burdens and respecting everyone's busy schedules.

Below are the links to presentation and workshop materials distributed during the 2017, 2019, 2021, 2023 and 2025 IRP cycles. 

2025 IRP presentations and schedule

2023 IRP presentations and schedule

2021 IRP presentations and schedule

2019 IRP presentations and schedule

2017 IRP presentations and schedule