California recreation

We offer recreation opportunities on the Klamath River at Iron Gate and Copco Reservoirs and at seven public access sites on the river upstream of Copco Reservoir.

Our facilities provide river and reservoir fishing, camping, day use and boating opportunities along 19 miles of the river. The recreation facilities begin at the Iron Gate Fish Hatchery, 10 miles east of Interstate 5 and continue upstream to the state line access site managed jointly with the Bureau of Land Management.

Safety around dams

Please use caution around dams and waterways. Follow posted notices and watch over children. 

Public safety sirens

To ensure public safety at Klamath River recreational areas, emergency evacuation sirens have been installed at JC Boyle Dam, Klamath Wild and Scenic Campground (owned by BLM) and Copco 2 Power Plant (upstream end of Iron Gate Reservoir). The sirens have been installed as a proactive measure to prevent delays in communication in the unlikely event that sudden flooding or rapid changes in water flows force evacuation of the campground or areas immediately below applicable dams, spillways or power plants. These sirens are not intended to communicate evacuation orders to residences nearby.

Upper Klamath River and rafting

Immediately downstream of J.C. Boyle Dam, the Klamath River enters a series of rugged, deep gorges and narrow canyons. In 1994, the section of river between the Boyle powerhouse and California state line was designated a National Wild and Scenic River by the U.S. Secretary of the Interior. The U.S. Bureau of Land Management manages the river in cooperation with the State of Oregon.

This section of the Klamath River is swift, providing rafters with challenging whitewater boating opportunities (up to Class IV rapids). Daily peaking flow releases from J. C. Boyle Dam allow rafters summer whitewater rafting opportunities.  Information on water releases is available on our J.C. Boyle water release page.

To learn about whitewater rafting opportunities in Upper Klamath River between JC Boyle Powerhouse and Copco Reservoir, please contact the Klamath Falls office of the BLM at 541-883-6916.

Information on water releases from Iron Gate Dam  


Pacific Power has developed six public fishing access points on Ager-Beswick road along the south side of the Klamath River between the Oregon/California state line and Copco Reservoir. The sites provide public access through private ranch lands to the river. Each access point has a small parking area, comfort station and garbage can.

Day Use Regulations


Our parks and river access areas

Copco Reservoir

Iron Gate Reservoir