Idaho recreation

PacifiCorp provides recreation opportunities along Bear River, Soda Springs Reservoir, Oneida Reservoir and Henry’s Fork of the Snake River.

Our facilities provide boating, swimming, camping and picnicking opportunities.

Safety around dams

Please use caution around dams and waterways. Follow posted notices and watch over children. 

Public safety sirens

To ensure public safety at Bear River recreational areas, emergency evacuation sirens have been installed at Oneida Dam and nearby at the Redpoint Campground (owned by the Bureau of Land Management). The sirens have been installed as a proactive measure to prevent delays in communication in the unlikely event that sudden flooding or rapid changes in water flows force evacuation of the campground or areas immediately below Oneida Dam. These sirens are not intended to communicate evacuation orders to residences nearby.

Our parks and campgrounds

Bear River

Soda Springs Reservoir

Oneida Reservoir

Henry's Fork of the Snake River