Energy Gateway

Our Integrated Resource Plan identifies a need for more transmission lines to deliver electricity from new generating resources.

In May 2007, PacifiCorp launched the Energy Gateway Transmission Expansion – a multi-year investment plan to add approximately 2,000 miles of new transmission lines across the West.

Three major segments of Energy Gateway are complete and in service. Outreach, siting and permitting processes continue for several other segments. In April 2017, PacifiCorp announced plans to construct a sub-segment of the Gateway West project in Wyoming. In October 2019, PacifiCorp announced plans to construct the Gateway South project in Wyoming, Colorado and Utah.

Energy Gateway transmission expansion

The map shows the individual segment additions that comprise the Energy Gateway expansion. Depending on regional, third-party and local participation, the final lines may vary somewhat. PacifiCorp is taking every reasonable step to accommodate regional transmission needs and we are committed to building Energy Gateway with our primary responsibility to provide customers with safe, reliable and reasonably priced electrical service.

Links to Energy Gateway segment information can be found below. We update these pages regularly as new information becomes available.

(Updated March 2021)

Gateway Central

Segment B – Populus to Terminal

Segment C – Mona to Oquirrh

Segment C – Oquirrh to Terminal

Gateway West

Segment D.1 – Windstar to Aeolus (future segment)

Segment D.2 – Aeolus to Bridger/Anticline

Segment D.3 – Bridger/Anticline to Populus (future segment)

Segment E – Populus to Hemingway (future segment)

Gateway South

Segment F – Aeolus to Mona

Segment G – Sigurd to Red Butte

West of Hemingway

Segment A – Wallula to McNary

Segment H – West of Hemingway