Updates on PacifiCorp Lewis River recreation sites

ARIEL, Wash. — PacifiCorp’s Beaver Bay Park and Campground will open for visitors from April 26 to September 2, 2024. Camping reservations at this site will be available beginning February 26, for both group camping and individual campsites.

To make a reservation, please visit: www.pacificorp.com/community/recreation/washington.html

Also, beginning March 1, reservations can be made for park picnic pavilions located at Merwin Park, Saddle Dam Park and Swift Forest Camp. Reservations are $50/day and can be made by visiting www.pacificorp.com/community/recreation/washington.html  (Pavilion reservation does not guarantee parking availability.)

Effective immediately, new event policies have been established for PacifiCorp’s Lewis River recreation sites. These policies have been developed to ensure that our sites remain available for general recreation use during our peak recreation season as intended, while still providing the opportunity for the public to host certain organized recreation activities and events.

Please note that many activities are no longer allowed unless permitted by PacifiCorp. The new policies are available at www.pacificorp.com/community/recreation/washington.html

The policies provide specific information regarding what type and size of recreation events can be held, and where, during peak recreation season.

The policies also provide specific information about the requirements and issuance process of Special Use Permits for events outside of the peak recreation season. To seek Special Use Permits, please complete an application at www.pacificorp.com/community/recreation/washington.html

For questions about Lewis River recreation site operations or PacifiCorp’s new event policies, contact our recreation department at 503-813-6666 or via email at recreation@pacificorp.com.