Yale Park boat ramp closed December 6-7 for land survey work

COUGAR, Wash. — The Yale Park boat ramp will be unusable December 6-7 as Yale Lake is being temporarily lowered to accommodate a land survey of Saddle Dam. PacifiCorp regrets the inconvenience this may cause boaters planning to use the facility on those days.

With the seasonal closure of boat ramps at the Cougar and Beaver Bay campgrounds already in force, for this two-day period there will be no boat ramp access to Yale Lake. The ramp at Speelyai Park on Merwin Reservoir remains open. PacifiCorp expects to begin refilling Yale Lake during the evening hours on December 7 enabling the Yale Park boat ramp to be back in use the morning of December 8.

As a reminder, reservoir levels are always subject to fluctuation depending on the water management and power generation needs of our customers and PacifiCorp does not guarantee the accuracy of daily reservoir water elevations.