North Umpqua River flows

The flows represented by this gage station are in the North Umpqua River's Wild and Scenic Reach downstream of the North Umpqua Hydroelectric Project and Boulder Creek (a wilderness stream).

Real-Time flow data for this site is available from gage station 14316500 funded by PacifiCorp and managed by the USGS.

Forecasted flows for a nearby tributary, Steamboat Creek, are provided by NOAA's Northwest River Forecast Center.

Tentative 2020 schedule of planned waterway maintenance which may affect flow in bypass reaches at the North Umpqua Hydroelectric Project. Maintenance has been planned to occur during the Settlement Agreement preferred periods to the greatest extent possible. Dates are tentative and can change without notice due to weather, equipment, personnel, construction and maintenance progress, and other issues. The dates listed are the approximate date of canal or powerhouse shutdowns, but ramping and flow changes may impact adjacent days as well. During some outages, it may be possible to keep “fish flow” in the waterway, which means sufficient flow to keep fish alive, generally 2-20 cfs depending on the waterway, season, and weather. Note also that high natural flows and unplanned shutdowns for emergency responses and brief maintenance events may occur at any time without advance notice. For details contact Rich Grost, PacifiCorp, 541-498-2617.  Version date 1-13-2020.



Approximate dates of shutdown

Bypass reach flow affected?

Date of fish salvage

Fish liberated to


Lemolo 1 6/15 - 19, 2020 yes n/a   Fish water remains in canal (GSU outage).
Lemolo 2 7/7 - 8/21, 2020 yes 7/7 - 10, 2020 Toketee and Lemolo Lakes Canal maintenance requires dry and warm summer conditions.
Clearwater 1  n/a       
Clearwater 2 5/11 - 29, 2020 yes 5/11 - 12, 2020 Clearwater 2 forebay  
Toketee (1 of 3 units)

1/13 - 31, 2020

8/1 - 19, 2020

If inflows exceed 900 cfs n/a n/a Fish screen precludes most fish from unsalvageable tunnel; tunnel drains to river.
Fish Creek when natural inflow <130 cfs (~ Aug-Oct)
no  n/a  n/a  Fish screen precludes fish from canal; canal drains to forebay.

Slide Creek

Soda Springs n/a        
Soda Springs fish screen 10/5 - 22, 2020 no  10/5 - 7, 2020 Adjacent waters De-energize fish screen, if dewatering is necessary supply AWS and downstream passage via spillway and/or log chute. 
Soda Springs fish ladder  2/3 - 7, 2020 no  no Adjacent waters  Install seal along expansion joint.