Safety and security every day

Keeping our customers and co-workers safe and secure is a top priority to everyone at PacifiCorp. 

As part of Berkshire Hathaway Energy, we share best practices and use proactive measures to help ensure safety is the No. 1 priority in all of our operations. 

Keeping people safe

Safety is a top priority for PacifiCorp: safety of our employees, facilities and our customers. We run a public safety campaign through customer awareness outreach and education. 

Protecting the energy grid

We are vigilant in managing our employees’ and customers’ personally identifiable information and work to create strong layers of defense against cyber and physical security events.

Continuous improvement

Our employees take safety seriously.  We use every safety incident and near miss as an opportunity to improve our performance and reach a goal of zero accidents.

Safety focus areas

Electrical safety

As a company, we actively educate customers and the public on safety practices to follow around power lines and equipment. 

Safety around dams

For visitors to our recreational areas, we provide information to keep the public safe around hydroelectric facilities and water.

Wildfire mitigation

PacifiCorp has taken a comprehensive approach to mitigating and creating greater resilience against wildfire risks in the West.