Contractor safety

Prior to the start of any work, the contractor must complete the Hydro Resources Contractor Orientation provided below. Within the document you will find several Appendices. Please provide a completed hard copy of Appendix 1 to a PacifiCorp representative and provide any additional copy(s) of Appendix 2 through 8 as they apply to the work. The contractor, all of their employees and subcontractors of all tiers shall complete the orientation materials and the provided survey.

Hydro Resources Contractor Orientation


Visitor(s) must be accompanied by a PacifiCorp representative and must be instructed on the required Personal Protective Equipment. All visitors must read and sign the Site Access Agreement form prior to accessing any PacifiCorp property, whether solely owned, leased, under easement and/or considered within the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission boundary. The only exceptions being:

  • Contractor personnel working under a contract.
  • Regulatory agency personnel who are on site for the purpose of performing inspections consistent with their agency authority.
  • Individuals who will be confining their visit to public access areas.

Site Access Agreement