Oregon Community Benefits and Impacts Advisory Group

We have convened the Community Benefits and Impacts Advisory Group (CBIAG) to focus on equity and a clean energy future in the state of Oregon in accordance with Oregon House Bill 2021. Through the CBIAG, we plan to continue seeking direct stakeholder feedback to build an inclusive and accessible process for consultation and collaboration. This includes: 

  • Increasing participation from communities that have not traditionally participated in utility planning processes; 
  • Providing us with a better understanding of community needs and perspectives; 
  • Identifying barriers to participation and input on how to address these barriers; 
  • Acting as a conduit to exchange information and ideas between us and stakeholder communities; and 
  • Assisting with community outreach. 

To join the distribution list to learn more about these important efforts, or for questions regarding the information provided below, please email us at ORCBIAG@pacificorp.com. And learn more about the group's development through Oregon's Clean Energy Plan engagement strategy.

Public Participation and Advisory Group Meetings

The following provides a proposed meeting schedule, subject to change:

1/18/2024 1-4 p.m. PT; January CBIAG meeting (slides and notes)

1-4 p.m. PT; (Hybrid) February CBIAG meeting (slides and notes)


1-4 p.m. PT; March CBIAG meeting (slides and notes)


1-4 p.m. PT; April (Hybrid) CBIAG meeting (slides) (español y notas)


No CBIAG meeting 


1-4 p.m. PT; June (Hybrid) CBIAG meeting (slides and notes)  (español)


1-4 p.m. PT; July CBIAG meeting


1-4 p.m. PT; August (Hybrid) CBIAG meeting


1-4 p.m. PT; September CBIAG meeting


1-4 p.m. PT; October (Hybrid) CBIAG meeting

11/2024 No CBIAG meeting 
12/19/2024 1-4 p.m. PT; December CBIAG meeting