Private generation

At PacifiCorp, we work to meet our customers' energy needs in the most cost-effective manner, seeking to maintain our low-cost provider status and minimizing the price impacts of acquiring energy. One way we accomplish this is through our customers.  

Private generation – also referred to as distributed generation – systems are small-scale, on-site power sources located at our near customers' homes or businesses.

These technologies can include internal combustion engine/generators, micorturbines, photovoltaics, wind turbines, external combustions engines and/or fuel cells.

PacifiCorp embraces private generation projects provided that their application is safe, reliable, economically responsible and cost-effective. Although PacifiCorp will not provide customers and/or developers above-market incentives for the development of private generation projects, the company does facilitate private generation resources through five primary activities:

  • Providing information on available market-based incentive programs.

  • Effectively processing Qualified Facility (QF) applications and Partial Requirements requests.

  • Entertaining requests for proposals for new generation.

  • Offering net metering programs (for smaller renewable projects).

  • Providing information and requirements on interconnection requests.

Prices paid by the company for the energy and capacity provided by QFs varies by state and project size. Non-QF private generation projects can compete with other supply-side options through PacifiCorp's procurement process. Net metering programs are available to developers of smaller projects (typically 25 kW and smaller) who invest in on-site technologies (such as solar, wind, fuel cell and hydro technologies). 

For more information for your state, visit Pacific Power or Rocky Mountain Power.