Washington Approval Process & Public Participation

At an open meeting on Thursday March 10, 2022, WUTC approved PacifiCorp’s 2022AS RFP via Docket UE-210979. Washington’s rules for electric utilities¹ require a utility to engage the services of an IE to assess and report on a solicitation process if 1) the utility, its subsidiary or affiliate plans to participate in the RFP bidding process; 2) the utility intends to retain the option to procure resources that will result in the utility owning a resource or having a purchase option for a resource; or 3) the utility is considering repowering an existing resource. PacifiCorp anticipates it will participate in the 2022AS RFP, and therefore, after consulting with WUTC staff and stakeholders, PacifiCorp issued a solicitation for a Washington IE. At an open meeting on Friday November 12, 2021, the WUTC approved Bates White to oversee PacifiCorp’s 2022AS RFP.

Public Participation: Consistent with rules established in Chapter 480-107-017 WAC, interested parties had 45 days to submit written comments after a draft RFP is filed. Written comments may be submitted electronically through the WUTC’s web portal. If you are unable to submit documents via the portal, you may submit your comments by email, or by mailing or delivering an electronic copy to the WUTC’s Records Center. Comment submissions should include the docket number (UE-210979), commenting party’s name and the title and date of the comments. The WUTC will post all comments that are provided in electronic format to the 2022AS RFP docket on its web site.

Interested parties may participate in WUTC open meetings. Information about open meetings can be found on the WUTC’s website on the Open Meetings page.

Questions about the comment submittal process and/or requests to be placed on the WUTC’s distribution list for utility RFPs can be directed to the WUTC’s Records Center at records@utc.wa.gov. Questions about the 2022AS RFP and/or requests to be placed on the stakeholder distribution list for this 2022AS RFP may be directed to PacifiCorp’s All-Source RFP mailbox2022AS_RFP@PacifiCorp.com.