PacifiCorp’s 2022 Carbon Capture, Utilization and Sequestration Requests for Proposals

PacifiCorp released two concurrent requests for proposals (RFPs) for bids to engineer, procure and construct carbon capture, utilization and sequestration (CCUS) facilities to remove, sequester or utilize carbon dioxide (CO2) from exhaust gases at two of PacifiCorp’s Wyoming coal-fueled generation facilities. One RFP was issued for Dave Johnston Unit 4, located near Casper, and the other was issued for Jim Bridger Units 3 and/or 4, located near Rock Springs.

Both RFPs are consistent with the requirements of Wyoming House Bill 200 and seek bids from CCUS technology developers for implementation of amine-based post combustion technology. The RFPs allow bidders to propose their preferred ownership structures; bidders may propose to own and operate the CCUS facility, or transfer ownership to PacifiCorp after construction. 

In 2021 PacifiCorp issued a CCUS Request for Expression of Interest (REOI), targeting a broad range of potentially interested parties. The RFPs were distributed to potential bidders and interested parties identified in the REOI process who have expertise in the amine-based post combustion technology.

In addition to all relevant technical and financial information, PacifiCorp expects CCUS RFP bidders to provide information relating to their proposals’ reliance on public funding sources, including state and federal grants, and any available tax credits. 

The tentative schedule for the 2022 CCUS RFPs is as follows and is subject to change:


Date Range

RFP Released


Pre-Bid Teleconference


Pre-Bid Site Conference


Proposal Due Date


PacifiCorp will provide further updates on the status and schedule of its 2022 CCUS RFPs on this webpage as they become available.