Beck Street

As part of our commitment to provide safe, reliable and efficient energy to our customers, we will be upgrading a transmission line to provide additional capacity and improve electric service reliability to meet power requirements. Construction on the project will begin in late October 2019 and will be completed in October 2020.

Project purpose and need

Rocky Mountain Power and Marathon Petroleum Corporation have an agreement to construct a new 138 kV line in the area shown on the attached map. This project will increase the reliability of electrical service at the Marathon Petroleum refinery and help with the increased power needs resulting from the addition of new emissions control equipment and projects to provide cleaner, Tier 3 gasoline.

This line upgrade will add additional capacity and increase reliability for Rocky Mountain Power customers in Salt Lake County. State projections put Salt Lake County’s population at approximately 1.7 million people by 2040, an increase of nearly 70% over 2010. This project will improve service for existing customers and provide capacity to serve current and future demand for electricity.

How will this impact my property?

Rocky Mountain Power thoroughly evaluated several options with Salt Lake City and identified this line route as presenting the least impact to property owners. Most of the existing line modification will include a pole-for-pole replacement – with the elimination of certain poles. Some portions of the line will be removed from backyards into the public right of way, which is owned by Salt Lake City. Additionally, there are some locations where there is only street lighting. While this line may be visible from your property, the new line will be in the public right of way. This is the park strip between the sidewalk and curb. Additional easements, if necessary, will be secured from individual property owners.

Will trees have to be removed for this new line?

Trees directly in line which may causes a safety hazard will have to be removed. We don’t like to remove trees where possible; however, they can present a significant electrical safety and reliability concern.  

  • Any trees that are removed will be removed by a professional arborist. The land where the tree is removed will be restored to a level condition with topsoil.
  • A replacement tree will be provided to you for any tree that is removed.
  • If a tree would benefit or preserve your view, a tree can be requested.

Trees can be requested by sending an email to with Beck Street Transmission Line in the subject field. Include your name and address in the email message. Or request a tree voucher by mailing a request to Vegetation Management, 1569 West North Temple, Salt Lake City, UT 84116. Vouchers will be mailed to you and can be redeemed at most local nurseries.

Do electrical lines impact health?

All power lines in our system are built to meet or exceed the standards of the National Electrical Safety Code, which is the foundation for electrical safety in residential, commercial and industrial settings. The safety of our community is the primary consideration in the design and installation of poles and wires. For more information from the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences on electromagnetic fields, visit

Route details

This route was selected because a large percentage of the route has an existing power line, which will be replaced with the upgraded line.     

  • Existing 46 kV transmission line will be modified to single-circuit 138 kV (1200 West from 1400 North to 1200 North, then east over the railroad tracks near the refineries.) This is the blue solid line in the attached map.
  • Existing 46 kV transmission line will be modified to double-circuit 138 kV (1000 North 600 West around to 400 West and then south to 900 North.) This is the yellow solid line in the attached map.
  • New 138 kV transmission line using existing distribution line right-of-way (400 West from 400 North to 900 North and then west to the edge of I-15 crossing I-15 to 900 West.) This is the purple dashed line in the attached map.
  • New 138 kV transmission line will be constructed (400 North to 900 West south to 100 South.) This is the green dashed line in the attached map.

More information

For more information, you can call 801-220-4221 or email us at Please be sure to include the project name – "Beck Street Transmission Line" – in your inquiry.