Vantage to Pomona Heights

Project overview

We are always working to provide safe, reliable electric service to our customers, and to support the needs of the region. As part of this commitment, we are planning a new transmission line in Washington.

The proposed 230-kilovolt line will connect the existing Bonneville Power Administration power substation near Vantage and Pacific Power's Pomona Heights power substation near Selah. The new line will benefit customers and the local communities by enhancing the overall operating flexibility and security of the regional electricity transmission grid.

We understand how important it is to develop this project in cooperation with area communities and residents, and to coordinate with the planning efforts of local, state and federal agencies. We're committed to working to minimize impacts to the community and the environment from project development, construction and maintenance.

Check this website periodically for updated information, including the latest Vantage to Pomona Heights map.

Project timeline

  • Public outreach begins – 2008 – Ongoing
  • Transmission line routing studies begin – Late Fall 2008 – Summer 2012
  • Cultural surveys – October 2012 – Early Summer 2013
  • Publication of the Draft Environmental Impact Statement – Early 2013
  • Publication of Supplemental Draft Environmental Impact Statement – January 2015
  • Publication of Final Environmental Impact Statement – Fall 2016
  • Publication of Record of Decision – Winter 2016
  • Secure needed local permits and rights of way – Starting early 2017
  • Secure all Record of Decisions – Early to mid 2017
  • Construction – Early to mid 2018
  • Project in service – Early 2020

Next steps

Along with the publication of the final EIS the BLM has completed and published their Record of Decision (ROD). This will allow Pacific Power the ability to complete the follow up on right of way acquisition with the BLM.

Following the BLM ROD, the Department of Defense, the Bureau of Reclamation and the Bonneville Power Administration issued their respective RODs.

Additional information about the project

The Bureau of Land Management is the lead federal agency in developing the Environmental Impact Statement required for this planned line. Based on comments received during the initial public comment period for the draft Environmental Impact Statement, the BLM, Pacific Power and the Yakima Training Center (YTC) reintroduced the original northern route with some modifications. This route is located largely on YTC land. This route had originally been eliminated from consideration due to line separation requirements which were in place at the time but have since been removed from siting criteria. The regional and national electrical regulating authorities revised these standards, allowing a much closer distance between lines which now makes it feasible to reconsider this northern route as an option. With the publication of the EIS the federal agencies have identified the New Northern Route as the least impactful.

Please check this website periodically for updates. Further information also can be found on the BLM website.

(Updated April 2019)