Dry conditions force drawdown of Yale Reservoir

Cougar, WA - Due to low inflow conditions in the Lewis River Basin, PacifiCorp will be initiating a drawdown of Yale Reservoir to meet federal license flow requirements.

With a dry forecast expected through Labor Day, PacifiCorp will need to start lowering Yale Reservoir, resulting in the closure of the Yale Saddle Dam boat ramp beginning July 31.

The Yale Reservoir Dispersed Shoreline Camping program will end July 30 to ensure boaters can return to and use the Saddle Dam boat ramp prior to its closure. In addition, the company estimates that the Beaver Bay boat ramp will close on approximately August 13. The Yale Park boat ramp will remain open.

The drawdown and corresponding closures are in accordance with federal licensing regulations, which require flow amounts in quantities needed to support salmon and steelhead populations in the lower river.

PacifiCorp understands the inconvenience a Yale Reservoir drawn down may cause, but believes this planning provides as many recreational opportunities as possible over the project area given the dry conditions we are currently experiencing.

For more information about recreational closures and other low water impacts, visit our website at www.pacificorp.com/community/recreation/washington.