Washington recreation

We provide a variety of public recreation opportunities along the Lewis River, a popular spot for camping, boating, fishing and scenic views. Make reservations and learn more below.

Additionally, we operate Northwest Park on the White Salmon River and we provide hunting access in some areas.

Safety around dams

Please use caution around dams and waterways. Follow posted notices and watch over children. 

Lewis River recreation area

Recreation facilities include 304 campsites and 268 picnic sites, fresh drinking water, hot showers, swimming beaches, boat ramps, restrooms and RV sanitation stations. See park amenities.

Our parks can be found on State Highway 503 starting approximately 10 miles east of Woodland, Washington, continuing 40 miles upstream to Swift Forest Camp. See recreation area map. 

Camping reservations can be made up to nine months in advance. You must be 18 years of age or older to make campsite reservations.

Our parks, campgrounds and river access areas

Merwin Reservoir

Yale Reservoir

Swift Reservoir

Lewis River access sites

Public safety sirens

To ensure public safety at our Lewis River recreational facilities, emergency evacuation sirens have been installed at Beaver Bay Campground, Cougar Campground and Cresap Bay Campground, The sirens have been installed as a proactive measure to prevent delays in communication in the unlikely event that sudden flooding forces evacuation of these low-lying camping areas along the reservoirs. These sirens are intended to initiate evacuations of the identified recreation areas only and are not intended to communicate evacuation orders to residents nearby.

More information about Lewis River recreation, camping and events

Camping and day use parking fees
Rules and regulations
Dispersed shoreline camping
Park pavilion reservations
Lewis River Recreation Event Policies
Trout identification and regulations

Hunting access

Lewis River

Hunting is available at designated areas in the Lewis River basin where lands are managed under a Wildlife Habitat Management Plan. 

Marengo Wind Facility

Public access to lands within the Marengo wind facility is available for hunting, birdwatching and other recreational activities, subject to certain restrictions.

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Safety around dams

Use caution near dams