Updates on PacifiCorp Lewis River dispersed shoreline campsites

ARIEL, Wash. — PacifiCorp’s boat-in dispersed campsites located on Yale and Swift reservoirs are now open for 2024 reservations for the summer season – a new opportunity for visitors to the Lewis River area. Reservations for dispersed shoreline campsites can be made online at https://www.pacificorp.com/community/recreation/washington/dispersed-camping.html.

The campsites along the shorelines of Yale and Swift Reservoirs are remote sites that provide a wilderness-type camping experience and are only accessible by boat. PacifiCorp has 9 designated shoreline campsites on Yale Reservoir and 11 designated shoreline campsites on Swift Reservoir.

Dispersed shoreline camping is only allowed at designated campsites. Several informal campsites have been closed because of ongoing impacts to sensitive resources as well as public safety concerns. PacifiCorp continues to evaluate the shoreline campsite program to ensure it remains safe and sustainable for future use.

  • Yale Reservoir dispersed camping program begins Friday of Memorial Day weekend and ends Labor Day.
  • Swift Reservoir dispersed camping program begins Friday of Memorial Day weekend and ends September 30.
  • Overnight parking and registration for dispersed shoreline camping is available at Saddle Dam Park (Yale Reservoir) and Swift Forest Camp (Swift Reservoir) only. Overnight parking for dispersed camping is not permitted in other recreation sites. 

As of 2024, PacifiCorp does not allow campfires at the dispersed shoreline campsites due to the remote nature of these campsites and the risk of wildfire. It is now prohibited to have an open or stove fire at any time that uses charcoal, wood or pellets as fuel. Disposable grills and torches of any kind are not allowed. Portable cooking stoves and lanterns using liquefied or bottled fuel, such as propane, may be used as they can be turned off and do not cause sparks or embers. You can review further details on our website.

PacifiCorp appreciates campers managing their own sanitation at these sites and strictly adhering to the dispersed shoreline campsite program rules.