Lewis River dispersed shoreline camping


Dispersed shoreline campsites are remote sites, established by PacifiCorp, along the shorelines of Yale and Swift Reservoirs to provide the public with a more wilderness-type camping experience. PacifiCorp has designated several shoreline campsites on these reservoirs for dispersed camping.

Dispersed camping is only allowed at designated shoreline campsites. Many informal campsites have been closed as a result of ongoing impacts to sensitive resources as well as public safety concerns. PacifiCorp continues to evaluate the shoreline camping program. Everyone must do their part to maintain this opportunity for future use.

Overnight parking dispersed camping is available at Saddle Dam and Swift Forest Camp parks only.  Overnight parking fee per vehicle is $9 per night, and guests must register with park host prior to departure of park.  A limited number of overnight parking spaces is allotted to this program (2 vehicle maximum per campsite) and it is available for first come, first served use.    

Dispersed Shoreline Camping Brochure

Dispersed Shoreline Camping Rules

Swift Reservoir Campsite Map

Yale Reservoir Campsite Map