Our shared energy future relies on significantly expanding renewable resources and bringing on storage resources to ensure energy is always available when needed. In fact, our 2021 Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) includes 6,181 megawatts of storage resources, including battery storage co-located with solar, standalone battery storage and pumped hydro storage resources. The plan calls for adding nearly 700 MW of battery storage by the end of 2024. Through 2040, the 2021 IRP includes 4,781 MW of storage co-located with solar resources, 1,400 MW of standalone battery and 500 MW of pumped hydro.

Pumped storage hydro is a reliable, utility-scale energy storage technology. We recently submitted to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission 11 applications for preliminary permits at potential pumped storage sites across our service area. This will allow PacifiCorp to evaluate the ability of pumped storage at these locations to assist in our energy transition while preserving our priority to submit license applications at these sites if they are determined to be feasible and beneficial to our system.

It is anticipated that FERC will issue Preliminary Permits in 2022. Once the Preliminary Permits are issued, feasibility studies may begin.



Dry Canyon

Near Montpelier, ID

Long Ridge

Near Mona, UT

Barn Canyon

Near Helper, UT 

Electric Lake

Near Huntington, UT

Rock Canyon

Near Castle Dale, UT

Rocky Ridge

Near Glenrock, WY

Box Elder

Near Glenrock, WY

South Fork

Near Kemmerer, WY

Winter Ridge

New Lakeview, OR

Crooked Creek

Near Lakeview, OR

Saddle Mountains

Near Beverly, WA