Integrated Resource Plan

PacifiCorp's 2019 Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) continues investments in new wind generation and transmission, while adding significant new solar and storage resources. The plan, which is the result of a comprehensive data analysis and stakeholder input process, demonstrates the company’s adoption of additional lower-cost renewable resources to meet customer needs and support for its phased coal transition.

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At PacifiCorp, we share a bold vision with our customers for a future where energy is delivered affordably, reliably and without greenhouse gas emissions. A future where our vast, modern energy grid connects local communities to the low-cost and reliable energy they need to innovate and achieve their goals.

We know it’s possible because it’s already happening.

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The IRP is a comprehensive decision support tool and roadmap for meeting the company's objective of providing reliable and least-cost electric service to all of our customers. The plan is developed with considerable public involvement from state utility commission staff, state agencies, customer and industry advocacy groups, project developers, and other stakeholders. 

The key elements of the IRP include: a finding of resource need, focusing on the first 10 years of a 20-year planning period; the preferred portfolio of supply-side and demand-side resources to meet this need; and an action plan that identifies the steps we will take during the next two to four years to implement the plan.

PacifiCorp prepares its integrated resource plan on a biennial schedule, filing its plan with state utility commissions during each odd numbered year. For five of its six state jurisdictions, the company receives a formal notification as to whether the IRP meets the commissions’ IRP standards and guidelines, referred to as IRP acknowledgement. For even-numbered years, the company updates its preferred resource portfolio and action plan by considering the most recent resource cost, load forecast, regulatory, and market information.

The IRP uses system modeling tools as part of its analytical framework to determine the long-run economic and operational performance of alternative resource portfolios. These models simulate the integration of new resource alternatives with our existing assets, thereby informing the selection of a preferred portfolio judged to be the most cost-effective resource mix after considering risk, supply reliability, uncertainty, and government energy resource policies.

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2019 IRP Presentations

IRP Comments – Stakeholder Feedback

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